Vital information
Occupation Bouncer
Physical description
Gender Female
Eye color Purple
Hair color Purple
Personal information
Allies Lesya, Josh
Other information
First appearance "Pilot"
Voiced by Vanessa Hasid
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Becca was a door-woman that lived in UrbanCity. She contracted the E1 virus.

History Edit

Guarding a door to an underground party, Becca was responsible of frisking civilians and icing their wrist scanners before letting them enter. However, during her search on Josh, she purposely felt his genitals and let him into the party. Shortly afterward, Lesya happened to appear and Becca let her in without any prior search. Although this frustrated other party guests, Becca didn't seem to care.

Later at the party, Becca shoved Josh into one the bathroom stalls. She was irrational and eager to have sex and forcibly made Josh swallow a chemical pill that she assumed would protect them from the virus. The two initiated into sexual activities in the stall but eventually contracted the disease, alarming Mediators to crash the location and find their bodies.[1]

Reference(s) Edit

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