General rules Edit

File extensions Edit

There are different file extensions that can be uploaded to Urbance Wiki, with the most common being .JPG, .GIF, and .PNG. .PNG files are generally preferable due to its lossless data compression.

Note: If a .JPG image is uploaded unto an article, a new .PNG version might be uploaded in its place.

Animated .GIFs are currently not allowed due to their distracting quality. If a still image is insufficient to illustrate the text it accompanies, then one should consider rewriting the text, or uploading a new image to better send the intended message.

Copyrights Edit

Every non-free image is used on Urbance Wiki under the auspices of the fair use doctrine of the United States Fair use law. This declares that the wiki's images are used for informational/educational purposes.

Galleries Edit

With an exception of user profiles and blog posts, galleries are not allowed to be used on articles. The Wiki's current uses of character and episode galleries will be linked and sorted into categories through their infoboxes.

Dimensions Edit

The preferred dimensions for screenshots are 444 x 250. If the screenshots will be cropped for any reason (e.g. character profile images), the preferred dimensions will be 333 x 250. This isn't necessary for all images (e.g. panoramic, voice actors, fan art, etc.).